Ecology and sustainable policy


In six years of work, Bertrand Schmitt has awoken the beauty of the Domaine. This renovation had two requirements: respect for the environment, and, the revalorisation of the historical structure.  The goal was to return Domaine de Biar to its original splendour. Today, the domain has instaured a sustainable policy that leads its actions. Indeed, the place is self-sufficient in water, the garden provides for the kitchen, the meadows are cultivated in biological agriculture and more…

Environnement and social commitment


At Domaine de Biar, environmental protection and social commitment are an integral part of the organization of the estate. We encourage the conservation, recycling and rational use of energy. We seek to implement a sustainable development policy with all our partners and also with you who are staying in Biar.

Realizations and commitments

Water “made in Biar”

The Domaine has its own water supply. In fact, water is pumped from a deep underground, filtered and treated.  The water is of excellent quality and controlled by certified organizations. Then, used water is treated by a phyto-filtration system, and then, released into the nature.

A “slow food” concept

We propose products from the garden or organic products from local farming. Indeed, some of then come directly from our vegetable garden, chicken coop or orchard. For this reason, La Table de Biar offer you local and authintic cuisine.

Electric transports

When we can, we are using electric vehicles for the needs of the domain. In the same way, we provide electric bikes for the customers and a charging station for electric vehicles.

Sustainable agriculture

The vegetation retains carbon in the biomass and turns it in organic matter. So, the sustainable agricultural practices allow to store the carbon and to fight effectively against the global warming. «The restoration of lands contributes not only to the fight against global warming, but also to the durability of the agriculture, food safety and to the reduction of poverty.» Monique Barbut – executive secretary of UNCCD. Moreover, Biar’s breeding renovated and maintains 50 hectares of meadows not ploughed near Montpellier. We use exclusively organic fertilizers.

Societal commitments

Biar takes part in various projects of territory defense, defense of the environment, humanization of the company… The horses of Biar are the actors of the project ‘ La Camargue et des hommes ‘  within the jail of Arles and Tarascon. On the other hand, Bertrand Schmitt is the president of the Association “Bionne-Mosson” and president of the Association “Amis du Villaret des Brévières”.


All of the construction materials used are organic : the insulation is wood wool, cork and lime-hemp, the original exterior carvings are in wood, the mortars and coatings are natural lime, tiles are lime-hemp on glass foam, internal portion walls are made from fermacell, eco-friendly paints…


The heating and air conditioning systems were rigorously studied to minimise CO2. Our heat pump system uses external air and a circulation circuit of water of low temperature. It runs through the walls, ceilings and floors, and offer both excellent ambient comfort and the best overall return.