The Domain of Biar

This “folie” of the 17th century receives its guests on its stage where the spectacle of nature amazes you. A few steps from Montpellier, located between the sea and the city, it is the ideal place to enjoy the region.

We welcome you throughout the year in this magical domain where the beauty of the old blends with the charm of the contemporary. This place that knows how to make an impression is the perfect destination to live a unique experience that will anchor you in the moment.

Vue du Domaine de Biar depuis le parc

A place that resonates in itself

Located in a soothing and magical setting, Le Domaine de Biar symbolizes the family hotel, refined and committed. Our beautiful and large house in the heart of a green domain wants to bring nature back to its establishment: a joy of living, high quality standards to welcome its guests.

We are happy to welcome you there and are at your disposal to make you live a stay under the sign of relaxation, well-being, to the rhythm of the surrounding nature. Consider this home as yours, enjoy the friendliness of the place. It is you who give meaning to the life and soul of our house.

A Montpellier “folie” steeped in history


The first quote written about Biar makes it appear under the name Manso de Biar s. The fertility of the land is due to the rivers that run through the estate. It thus allows rich crops and quality breeding.


The young King Louis XV decided to cede these lands to his treasurer of the Languedoc stock exchange. Baron Joseph Bonnier de la Mosson then became the owner and undertook major works.


The estate belongs to the agronomist Henri Marès, famous for the discovery of his treatments for vine diseases. He was also the owner of the elegant Château de l’Engarran, adjoining Biar. He wanted to offer this generous and original nature to his daughter Henriette. Unfortunately, he did not have time to complete his work and the property fell into oblivion.


Abandoned for many years, the estate fell into oblivion for a while. It was in 2007 that the former owner fell in love and decided to bring it back to life. In very poor condition, it took several years of work to restore the splendor of the place. It was then that the Domaine de Biar was reborn, ready to welcome you.

A haven of peace where nature is a key word

Beyond the very essence of the place, we are committed to offering you an establishment and services in line with our convictions and sustainable and responsible commitments.

From the renovation of the estate to the choice of our suppliers, we have placed the preservation of the environment at the heart of our operation. We take care to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, in particular through the choice and use of our raw materials, the organic farming of our land and the place of nature in our philosophy.

We seek to respect a policy based on sustainable development with our partners and of course with you who stay in Biar. We are constantly thinking about an operation and an ever healthier place: energy autonomy, optimization of our waste management and agro-forestry production are our current priorities.

Cheval au galop dans les champs de Biar