Equicoaching, a new discovery


Equicoaching, is a combination of coaching and interaction with horses. This activity is for private individuals as well as companies. Effectivly, whatever your need is, the horses and the equicoach will lead you so you could reach your goals. Based on the use of emotions, the equicoaching help you to improuve your relationship with others, but also, your relationship with yourself. The horse, being your reflection during this activity, helps you work in peace and without the fear of judgment.

Horses : mirror to the emotions

Personal development session with the assistance of coach and horses. Each session helps you open your mind to new horizons creating a privileged relationship with the horse. A friendly atmosphere invites each participant to let go his defense mechanism. In the meadow with the horse or debriefing around a cup of coffee, your coach will accompany you through this voyage. Safety and kindness are key in this coaching experience that is open to everyone.

A guided experience

During this experience, you are guided by Johanna, an experienced equicoach. Away from all judgment, this activity makes you understand your attitude and the one of others without filter. The equicoach, acts like a moderator, advices you and guides you through this discovery.

Johanna Vennemeier equicoaching
Johanna Vennemeier equicoaching

Equicoaching and seminars

Whatever the purpose of your seminar is, the equicoaching is a suprising activity you must not miss with your team. In fact, this activity will help you to create new bounds or to strengthen the existing ones. Thanks to the work done with the horse, you will be able to take a step back on you and your company. Far from the usual activities, you will look at your issues with a different point of view and positive energies.

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