Biar Coaching

We believe that a team works if those who make it up feel good about themselves and give meaning to what they do. Just as personal well-being is a guarantee of performance and collective enthusiasm, the simplicity of processes is a key element in facilitating efficiency and involvement.

Salon Musique - Galerie photos Domaine de Biar

Coaching for your development

Our ambition is to get your head off the handlebars. We make you take a step back from your own modes of operation (individual and/or team), identify the routines and habits that no longer have any place and decide on a more efficient, more relevant, more pleasant.

So we’re going to challenge you. Whether it’s the functioning of your team, its serenity or the beliefs that hinder the full potential of your project, our job is to confront you in a concrete, efficient and benevolent way.

Salon Musique - Galerie photos Domaine de Biar
Equicoaching Domaine de Biar

Different types of accompaniments

To challenge you and take you even further, our teaching methods are multiple and always adapted to those we support. With our 3 Biar Coaching offers; Biar Equilead, Biar Impacto and Biar Terre & Mer, we offer you collaborative tools, creative emergences, fun team building, redesigned processes or emotionally very impactful self-transcendence.

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The place that is offered to you…

Domaine de Biar is a beautiful and large charming house near Montpellier. It is the ideal place to disconnect from urban life and refocus as a team on what is really important. Nothing better than a green setting, with pure air that invites calm, serenity and dialogue. Residential seminars in a unique style at the Esprit Biar.