La manade

La manade

manade et piscine du domaine de biar hotel d'hotes montpellier lavérune

A place where both men and horses live in harmony…

Camarguaise traditions and horse breeding
Domaine de Biar has rediscovered its original activity through breeding and training horses, in the true tradition of the Camargue.
The Domaine owns about 25 horses that live permanently on the property, but the Domaine also hosts a herd of bulls and cattle to graze on the vast prairies of Biar, rich due to their proximity to the water of the Mosson.

Manade and events
Domaine de Biar organises events centred around traditional practices of the Camargue, such as branding or training. Apart from the range of possibilities that the Camargue tradition can offer to organise events, Domaine de Biar is also a “manade” that boards and breeds horses.



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