Lodging, Events and receptions…

Located on the borders of Montpellier, Domaine de Biar proposes rooms, a suite, a furnished apartment, reception halls and conference rooms with a view of the park and the English gardens.

The wild and natural environment provides an exceptional place that is full of elegance, calm and beauty. Many fall under the charm of this Garden of Eden, an ideal place to organize romantic excursions, marriages, receptions and seminars. Visitors can also enjoy the spa, the pool and the solarium, and a panoramic terrace, all within a natural lush setting of 50 hectares.

Rooms and Suites

Relaxation and Well-being…
Domaine de Biar has conserved the essence of its history : the combination of environmentally friendly contemporary renovation, with the historical heritage of the castle has created an unique atmosphere. The rooms, the suite and the apartment, which were renovated by Dabadabada, all have balconies with magnificent views over the park. Wi-Fi and sound systems are available in all of the rooms. Breakfast is served with organic local products and at times cultivated in the gardens of the Domaine.

Events and receptions

Receptions, seminars, private parties…
The halls of the castle and the view of the English gardens provide an exceptional and elegant place to organize your professional or family receptions.
Visitors have the use of a reception room, a music room, and a panoramic terrace…For moments of relaxation, vistors have access to the pool and it’s solarium or the spa. Within this atmosphere, the herd of horses on the Domaine provide a note of originality for organising events around the tradition of the Camargue.

Domaine’s Services

High quality service…
Biar offers visitors a natural setting that is both beautiful and wild, a nourishing land and a source of inspiration: ancient trees, green and flowering meadows, luxurious river banks of the Mosson… as well as a nature glorified through the hand of man: an English park, bamboo groves, water basins… Lovers of serenity, authenticity and harmony enjoy the calm of nature surrounding the Domaine and the thematic voyages centered around vineyards and horses…