Welcome to Domaine de Biar

Discover an exceptional place (7 Km from the historical center and 10 Km from the sea), an excuse to open up to a soothing nature,
a domain dedicated to pleasure and well-being, perfect communion between the nourishing earth and the human inspiration,
at the same time charming lodging, place of refined receptions and manade, Camargue horses adorning these lands between vineyards and Mosson…

The Domaine de Biar is the fruit of a long alliance between man and nature.

It is today the testimony of a rigorous eco-responsible approach. A place where you can love nature and respect it.

A true ecolodge


A domain with multiple faces …

A madness of the eighteenth, both charming cottage, place of receptions or events, table d’hotes and manade …

The Domaine de Biar, “Folie montpelliéraine” …

“This “Folie”, I wanted to wake her as soon as I met her …
This enchanting place had to relive
to give us moments of pleasure,
emotions, out of time … “
Bertrand Schmitt, owner of the Domaine de Biar

Your Journey

The awakening of the senses


« Biar was a folie, but it was also an agricultural farmhouse.
I love this ambivalence, a place of pleasure and a farm.
We nourish the flesh as well as the senses, in a manner that is in the end spiritual.”

The Domaine de Biar

“Folie” is historically a meeting place between man and nature.


Biar offers visitors a nature in the wild: century-old trees, green meadows and flowers, lush banks of the Mosson …
And a nature magnified by the hand of man: English park, bamboo, ponds …
Land both nourishing and inspiring.
Stays under the sign of relaxation and nature, around the “terroir”, the manade, …